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Group Product Manager

Group Product Manager


I’ve partnered with a B2B SaaS business based in Delft who are on the lookout for a newly minted Group Product Manager.

The business is regularly voted as one of the best employers in the Netherlands and they have a ton of incentives that drive engagement & a positive working culture.

Their hierarchy is as flat as pancake and career progression is underpinned by outstanding retention, 1st in class personal development & a firmly organic approach to growth.





OQ-industries SaaS

What to expect:

They’re looking for a Group Product Manager that can lead, drive & connect ideas in a systematic & innovative direction. You will be working across a number of interdependent domains, making this role quite complex & intricate. We’re looking for effective prioritisers, outstanding communicators & strong motivators. Are you able to manage a highly complex environment with often competing demands & limited time? Can you navigate through uncertainty while always maintaining an alignment with Product strategy?


  • Personal Learning & Development budget (time & money)
  • Get paid for regular voluntary work
  • Exceptional culture & work environment


  • Strong communication skills & ability to manage International teams
  • Clear evidence of leadership ability
  • Agile mindset

Sounds good?

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For more information, connect with our specialised team member on LinkedIn Ryan Kearney