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Chief Data Officer

Chief Data Officer


OQ has partnered up with a leading platform in the online advertising management space. They have combined advertising systems into one personal account and for the last 15 years they have created over 30 internal tools that have helped them get to 350+ employees and over 30 thousand active clients.

They are essentially helping their clients outsmart their competitors while saving time on data collection and automating mundane everyday tasks such as reporting and monitoring.




OQ-industries AdTech
OQ-industries Data Science

What to expect:

As the Chief Data Officer you can expect to come in and make a big impact on the company as you will be tasked with the development of a team of analysts, consisting mainly of Data Engineers, Data Analysts and BI & Product Analysts, in total the department is made up of 14 professionals and you will be integral in operating, and formulating strategies to comply with the growth of the company. This is a hands-on position and you can expect to spend around 30% of your time analysing data, conducting research and providing information to support strategic and tactical decision-making.


  • Flexible Schedule
  • 100% remote
  • Free Language Classes


  • 3 years of experience in analytical work (data collection and processing, interpretation, visualisation, data modeling, statistical analysis, Google BigQuery experience will be an advantage)
  • 2+ years of experience in managing data related projects
  • Deep knowledge of Python related to data analysis and visualisation
  • Experience in data warehouse architecture development

Sounds good?

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For more information, connect with our specialised team member on LinkedIn Santiago Santos