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Cloud Consultant | Randstad Area #865

We are working with a Cloud Consultancy company based in Rotterdam but projects all over the Randstad who are looking for a DevOps/Cloud Consultant to join their team.

This consultancy helps organizations across various industries with the design, development, organization, and maintenance of automated software from building to testing, deployment, and release.

What to Expect

As a Cloud Consultant, you end up in a growing team of IT infrastructure and automation specialists, working with various customer environments and different teams. You get started with one or more projects within the IT infrastructure unit with the specialization Cloud.

To achieve this, they do not only focus on our projects. They think your development and the deepening within your own specialization are just as important. After all, customers look for up-to-date knowledge to build new environments or to manage complex environments.

You are:

  • passionate about building scalable and reliable cloud platforms for developers.
  • constantly balancing pragmatism and quality. You hate blocking developers, and you’re not a ticket ticker.
  • able to communicate the advantages of the cloud to both business and techies.
  • the go-to person when it comes to the cloud.
  • a polyglot developer/scripter and would almost call yourself a programmer: Bash, Python, Go, Perl (just joking, no not Perl).
  • a problem solver. There is no type of infrastructure that you haven’t automated, no application that you haven’t dockerized.
  • allergic to the word DevOps: another inflated buzzword. It’s all about collaboration, communication, and automation. No need for buzzwords.


Competitive Salary

Unlimited Training Budget

Lease Car or NS Travel Card

Flexible working days

36 or 40 hours working weeks

Bonus structure

Paid Pension



Proficient in Dutch and English

Setting up advanced CI/CD pipelines, automate routine tasks and eliminate single points of failure.

Perform cloud migrations, setup tools, and services.

Managing and maintaining their platforms.

Perform routine maintenance tasks, create new environments, design and implement new solutions for the customer’s (public) cloud.

You like sharing knowledge.

You are a DevOps Cloud Engineer and it is because of your contribution that we can level up our customers

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