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Engineering Lead

Engineering Lead

Permanent, Barcelona

This company are a bi-product of two start-ups who merged in 2019 to offer a global solution to hospitality and hotel management. The company has around 450 people working for it with 150 in R&D. The plan is to grow that to 225. They have 12,000 hotels in their portfolio and operate in over 100 countries, having been ranked the number 1 hotel distribution provider in Europe and number 3 in the world. Their product consists of several core functions that include a central reservation system, data management and visualisation, web scraping for competitor analysis, website building and e-commerce distribution. Each feature that they offer can be sold as an independent module and can also be built on a SaaS basis.


OQ-industries SaaS

What to expect:

The role is a management position where you will be responsible for leading a team of 5 Engineers. Given everyone within the team is technically focused, this company and team are looking for someone who can work on more of the operational tasks, looking after career growth plans and making sure that the Engineers feel in a position of success. This team will focus specifically on Data Crunching (within the Data Intelligence department) where the idea is to work on analysing and optimising the already successful product so that their 12,000 customers can better predict and manage customer behaviour.


  • A daily meal allowance
  • Generous contributions to health insurance
  • Free access to Udemy courses
  • Healthy discounts on hotels and accommodation


  • Experience in leading a team
  • A background in .Net or C# (Java or Python also accepted)
  • An understanding of how to prioritise sprints and ceremonies
  • Ability to analyse and design software architectures

Sounds good?

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For more information, connect with our specialised team member on LinkedIn Ivan Sekulic