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Engineering Manager

Engineering Manager

Berlin, Permanent

This established tech company has made a name for itself in the navigation and location technology space. They innovated services in the driving process, to help companies with 3D maps, autonomous driving, navigation software, as well as traffic assessment to avoid congestion. Their vast client base includes Uber, and Apple, as well as leading car manufactures. Their engineering team levers Big Data,  Machine Learning and Computer Vision, to build and provide innovative services for their users.


OQ-industries Logistics

What to expect:

You’ll be joining and building a greenfield team (1 EM, 1 PM and 2 Engineers) with the focus to enable software engineers to deliver better software faster with the overall goal being to transform this company transform into a high-performance software organisation. 

To enable the developers to focus on high priority tasks, your team will improve the maturity of the tolling around efficiency and effectiveness, and the PM will define priorities based on internal customer research. Given that your customers will be internal developers, you’ll have direct access to your customers, and will be able to see the tangible results your work has.

Your team will provide tooling to help the developers focus on flow and delivery value to ensure a consistent and high-quality delivery. You’ll be working at the intersection of development and runtime, and initially CI/CD, developer tooling, backend services and CLIs will be a big focus.

This company’s stack is AWS/ Azure, Azure DevOps, AKS, and most of their code base is in JVM or C++, while your team will use a lot of Python and Golang.

It’s an exciting opportunity because you’ll be joining an established organization with a mature engineering culture, but you’ll be defining and shaping both this role and team from the ground up.


  • 30 days vacation (Germany)
  • Corporate pension scheme
  • Childcare allowance
  • Work as part of a company that takes work-life balance seriously
  • Work fully remotely, or from the Berlin-office, as you choose!


  • You've got a proven track record in managing engineering teams for 2+ years
  • You have experience as a developer (using any mainstream language Java/ Python/ Golang/ NodeJS...)
  • You have public cloud experience (ideally Azure or AWS)
  • GitOps experience is a plus, not a must
  • You have an interest in working at the intersection of development and runtime

Sounds good?

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For more information, connect with our specialised team member on LinkedIn Poppy Ashmore