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Frontend Engineer

Frontend Engineer

We’ve partnered up with an Amsterdam-based scale-up who provide a routing API for EV drivers to actually manage their battery for longer trips; they can see charging points across Europe, to map out exactly how far they can go with their cars.

This is the biggest concern for EV drivers at the moment – how to really make the most out of your battery life on longer trips. With EV cars predicted to be the majority on roads by 2030, their solutions will only continue to grow!



OQ-industries EV

What to expect:

You’ll be working with the other Frontend engineers on exciting new projects for their white-label web application, and you will be working closely with the backend engineers and CTO to build world-class software for a greener future!

They have an open-minded and collaborative culture, and they emphasise learning and experimenting together to find solutions.


  • Amazing office vibes in Amsterdam
  • Great team to learn and bounce ideas off of
  • Environment that encourages personal growth


  • 1+ year experience with Vue (in production)
  • Eager to learn and pick new things up
  • Open to introducing new ideas and collaborating with the team

Sounds good?

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For more information, connect with our specialised team member on LinkedIn Delal Arsu