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Head of Product

Head of Product

Berlin, Permanent

We are working with what is arguable Berlin’s biggest tech employer to help them find someone to spearhead their risk management vertical. In what is a drive to take this project to the next level, you will be helping to optimise the way that they use Machine/Deep Learning models in better predicting customer patterns and behaviour so that they can offer a Buy Now, Pay Later feature upon checkout. Given the company’s 12 year life span, they have extremely vast but also rich data points that need to be appropriately aggregated to reduce risk but improve customer conversion.


OQ-industries E-commerce
OQ-industries Machine Learning

What to expect:

You will start off leading a team of 7 direct reports and help implement processes and strategies in building on what is a fundamental part of the business. Rather than turning up to meetings ready to present a sales pitch, the real narrative here is to work backwards from the customer and use genuine, tangible metrics as a means of defining next steps. You will demonstrate a tech and data-focused mindset, working with data infrastructure in empowering Machine/Deep Learning teams help take this company to the next gen in customer experience.


  • A seriously generous salary and stock options
  • Exposure to working with leadership in a globally leading company
  • Career growth plans that go beyond the outlined role
  • Complete influence and autonomy on a brand new product


  • Previous experience in C-level or Directorship
  • Track record of leading leaders
  • A background in Data Analytics, Data Science, Machine Learning or Engineering
  • Being Product-minded and having experience in B2B environments
  • A preference for people with risk management and financial infrastructure experience

Sounds good?

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For more information, connect with our specialised team member on LinkedIn Adeline Makin