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Rust Engineer

Rust Engineer

Permanent, Berlin

This company are a start-up who are part of an ecosystem within an AI/ML venture studio. The idea of the product is to analyse why KPI’s have changed in the past and come up with a hypothesis to identify the reason for this. Whilst they don’t exactly know what the hypothesis can tell the customer, they provide in-depth data and analysis that can be interpreted in a data-secure environment. Usually you have a team of Data Scientists who would do this manually, understanding the process on why KPI’s changed in the past, coming up with correlations between the data. This is a manual problem solved. 


OQ-industries Machine Learning

What to expect:

They are developing an ever-optimising algorithm more efficiently test the most probable hypothesis on why KPI’s changed in the past. It’s a product to help users understand their metrics even further. They are currently evaluating which future features do the algorithms need to be included with to solve, working on a forecasted and user feedback basis. You will join the team to maintain and run cloud-native backends for data processing and analysis, also working on data ingestion and transformation pipelines.


  • Remote first options within Germany
  • Equity options
  • Learning and development budgets
  • Mobility allowance using Ryder
  • Unlimited holiday allowance


  • Commercial or personal experience programming with Rust
  • Deep knowledge of Python
  • Experience with JVM related tech such as Scala or Kotlin
  • Infrastructure experience provisioning, deploying and maintaining code

Sounds good?

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For more information, connect with our specialised team member on LinkedIn David Healion