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Senior DevOps Engineer

Senior DevOps Engineer

Berlin, Permanent

This startup has the mission to help Fortune 500 companies reduce their CO2 emissions by addressing problems in the supply chain. Their product enables their clients to develop a more sustainable product, which is good for both the world and profits. It’s well-known that Fortune 500 companies contribute to 80% of all global carbon emissions, and by tackling the issue of reducing emissions at the source, this startup has a huge impact on helping companies achieve their climate goals.




OQ-industries Supply Chain
OQ-industries Sustainability

What to expect:

You’ll be the first DevOps Engineer in the company and will report directly to the VP of Engineering. Most of their instances are running on AWS, and there are also some running on Azure. You’ll be doing automation to create a high availability environment, will manage and automate the management of all instances, and optimise cloud usage and costs. You’ll have a lot of autonomy and freedom when it comes to improving and changing their infrastructure, and will help them introduce IaC. You’ll bring your K8s knowledge to advise the team on the engineering roadmap (perhaps adopting K8s, EKS etc). Building a new observability system will be one of the projects on your initial roadmap. You will also be doing work around load balancing, debugging, setting up the infrastructure and databases.

Joining this fast-growing startup at a time when they are scaling up their product and team means there is lots of scope for career advancement as the team grows.



  • 30 vacation days
  • 100% remote work
  • Plenty of autonomy in the way you work
  • Flat hierarchies
  • Work for a company with a positive impact on the world


  • Public cloud expertise (ideally AWS and Azure)
  • Experience building observability systems
  • You are comfortable doing low-level debugging
  • Excellent Linux experience
  • Knowledge of databases and SQL

Sounds good?

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For more information, connect with our specialised team member on LinkedIn Reece Harris