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Senior Product Manager

Senior Product Manager

Spain, Permanent

We are working with a company who enable developers and data teams to harness the power of realtime data and quickly build data pipelines and data products. Their product helps companies ingest multiple sources of data at scale, query and shape it, publishing the results as low-latency, high-concurrency APIs that are consumed in applications. Developers can create fast APIs, faster. What used to take hours and days now only takes minutes as a result of this software. Beyond having an expert Founding team who consistently make themselves known within the industry, they are backed by investors who include the Founders of GitHub, Algolia, and Vercel.


OQ-industries Business Intelligence
OQ-industries SaaS
OQ-industries Software

What to expect:

You will be working as a Product Manager for the Core team, where you are part of the Developer Experience Product team and are responsible for building and tuning some of the most relevant pieces of the service other teams use to provide top-notch services. Think about the following… Billing: how customers are being charged for what they are building, from a self-service customer to an Enterprise one; Observability: you’ll help provide several tools for monitoring all the operations and how customer API Endpoints are performing, also building your own alerts; Authentication: every operation is managed by a token, from browsing the UI to creating a new Pipe using the CLI.


  • A fully remote organisation
  • Up to €2,400 work-from-home budget
  • ESOP to feel like you own what you build
  • Your birthday given as a day off


  • Experience in a data intensive organisation
  • Ideal experience having worked with databases, data infrastructure, or analytics technologies
  • Exposure to working with cross functional teams
  • Base knowledge of SQL

Sounds good?

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For more information, connect with our specialised team member on LinkedIn Ivan Sekulic