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Senior Scalability Engineer

Senior Scalability Engineer

Berlin, Permanent

This US- and Berlin-based company is headed up by industry experts who have built track records across Google, Amazon and other top tier companies. Their ML product enables companies including HP, Target, and Logmein to automate the processing of images, audio, and text using AI to sort and analyse unstructured data. They are working as part of a billion dollar market and growth numbers are in double digits, which shows a huge potential for this space. Their goal is to harnesses AI to drive down costs for clients and free up people to do human-centric, and not repetitive work, which can be automated.



OQ-industries Artificial Intelligence
OQ-industries Machine Learning

What to expect:

You’ll be joining with the focus to ensure this company has a scalable and robust platform. If you are looking for a position where you can work with one foot in the development and one in the infrastructure world, this could be interesting for you.

This company has onboarded some huge clients and therefore expect scalability to be a challenge for them in the future, so to be ahead of the curve, they want to tackle this before it becomes a problem. You’ll be developing benchmarks for performance and scalability and will identify metrics for performance improvements. You’ll be identifying and removing bottlenecks and will design proposals to improve the product. Part of your role will involve leading architecture decisions and working hands-on writing clean, maintainable and testable code. 

They have a strong culture of documentation within the organisation, which is especially important given the company’s remote work policy. You can expect to be part of a company with a true DevOps culture, so every member of the engineering team is responsible for writing their own code and managing their own infrastructure.

Their tech stack is Java, Python, Docker, AWS, K8s


  • Work as part of a team of industry experts (ex-Google, ex-Amazon, ex-Microsoft etc)
  • Competitive salary and stock options
  • Be part of a company with open-minded culture and plenty of growth opportunities
  • Home office budget
  • 27 vacation days per year
  • Urban Sports monthly membership
  • 3 month remote work allowance so you can work from wherever you want
  • Fully paid German Language Course


  • Java development experience
  • Extensive AWS experience
  • You are looking for a role where you can work on both development and infrastrcuture topics
  • You have designed and maintained microservices at scale
  • Hands-on Docker and Kubernetes expereince
  • You have practical experience of high volume orders and conversions
  • You are comfortable mentoring teammates of different levels of seniority
  • Expert knowledge of HTTP load generation/measurement software
  • Good knowledge of load balancers, firewalls, and database servers
  • Solid knowledge of database scalability and profiling (sharding, query optimization, high-performance configuration).

Sounds good?

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For more information, connect with our specialised team member on LinkedIn Alex Price