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Senior Software Developer

Senior Software Developer


Orange Quarter has partnered with an early-stage startup looking to become the greatest football-playing community in the world. They are aiming to do so by enabling users to experience easy access, football-playing experiences in their cities, allowing them to meet new people and meet friends through participating in their organised games. The way they work is simple, create and organise matches seamlessly all around your city so that you, the player, only has tosign up, show up and play.

They were founded in 2015 when their CEO realised it was virtually impossible to play organised games as a busy professional having just moved to a new city. Since then it’s grown to over 25 employees, and have raised €1.2M, and are now in a position where they generate around €1M in revenue per year. They are now planning on taking their product to the next stage, this being a 3 step process to: improve the customer-facing app; become a software provider for the pitch-owners; be internal administration providers for city and match planners



OQ-industries Software
OQ-industries Sports

What to expect:

They are essentially looking for someone Senior to come in and lead the design as they aim to improve scalability while also introducing different divisions for differently skilled players, which also means entering new cities and new markets without experiencing any software hiccups. The Engineering team is currently made up of 6 people – 5 Engineers and a Tech Lead (who you will work alongside). The role is for someone with leadership experience and that knows how to operate  in startup enviornments. As a lead engineer you must have ambition to become Head of/VP/ CTO later down the line, and you will lead from the front with a hands on approach. The tech stack is NodeJS, Typescript, ExpressJS, GraphQL, MongoDB and Flutter.


  • 50€ Monthly allowance to be spent on sport or wellness
  • Football Equipment allowance of up to 200€ per year
  • 1000€ Allowance on Kindle to spend on books per year
  • Freedom to work remotely and 25 days holiday


  • Experience working in startup environments
  • Experience leading a team/founding or cofounding a startup
  • Assertive, go getter attitude and ego-free behaviour
  • Forward thinking and big picture mindset

Sounds good?

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For more information, connect with our specialised team member on LinkedIn Santiago Santos