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Senior Staff Engineer

Senior Staff Engineer

Berlin, Permanent

One key department within this organisation is Supply Chain Engineering. Naturally, a large part of their responsibility is working on making sure that a product arrives when it has been scheduled and precisely on time, to upkeep standards and customer satisfaction. The biggest challenge with this team is making sure that their 200+ carriers are all integrated into their system for product tracking purposes, as well as customs and border crossing, which in itself is a complicated task. They’re planning to move into two new markets in the short-medium term and need someone to help build a platform to support this, meaning you must have scalability in mind with everything you build. 


OQ-industries Logistics
OQ-industries Supply Chain

What to expect:

You will be an individual contributor and the equivalent to an Associate Director, reporting to your peers and overseeing multiple (4-5) Engineering pods. You must be language agnostic and not be afraid of tackling large monoliths whilst also leading the way as the company migrate everything to Microservices, with a proven track record of working on multi-tiered architecture and distributed systems. You will define architecture and will need to be the brains behind what needs to be done and why. 


  • Extremely competitive salaries
  • A wealthy bonus to compliment your salary
  • Generous stock options
  • Company product discount
  • Exposure to international market and the complexities that come with that


  • 10+ years of Software Engineering experience
  • Exposure to building, maintaining and refactoring large-scale systems
  • A deep understanding of multiple programming languages with a preference for JVM
  • Modern DevOps mindset around testing and pipelining
  • Experience in complex stakeholder management

Sounds good?

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For more information, connect with our specialised team member on LinkedIn Louis Hebbs