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Tech Lead

Tech Lead


We’re working with a market leader in Know Your Customer and Compliance who are the front runners in Anti-Money laundering SaaS solutions. Since 2019 Dutch and EU regulations have meant that it is a legal obligation for all accountancy firms to run KYC checks on all of their clients. In the past this process could take days or weeks, leading to many small businesses losing customers. The answer to this is this clients latest product, a SaaS platform that leverages AI and ML to run these checks in a matter of minutes.

They like to see their solution as SaaR – Software as a Relief!

Since the product’s inception in 2019, it has garnered 500 active clients organically through sustainable growth, now with over 2 million in first seed funding, the focus is on hockey-stick growth.


OQ-industries SaaS

What to expect:

You would be brought into the business as the Tech Lead and the first engineer on the ground here in Amsterdam. You can expect to work 70% hands on utilising Java and AWS. The other 30% of your time would be spent creating new features, working on strategy, and taking technical decisions. You would be leading a team of 1 Senior BE Engineer, 1 BE Engineer, and 2 Senior FE Engineers.

The company is currently focusing on scalability and geographical growth and as the Lead Engineer you would be joining to drive this.


  • A competitive salary
  • Stock Options
  • Hybrid work set up


  • 6+ years of experience as a Developer
  • Lead experience is welcomed but not a necessity
  • Experience in start-up or scale-up environments
  • Experience working with modern a Java stack
  • Experience with AWS

Sounds good?

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For more information, connect with our specialised team member on LinkedIn Taran Carter