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Web Data Engineer

Web Data Engineer


A direct-to-consumer digital E-commerce business, Orange Quarter is working with a company focussed on supporting the biking community reach peaks higher than ever before. This brand aims to dominate the cycling industry and is searching for a Web Data Engineer to support as they reach new heights.


OQ-industries Cycling
OQ-industries E-commerce

What to expect:

The successful candidate would be working closely with developers to ensure faultless data generation whilst maintaining, customizing, and developing web tracking and remarketing infrastructure through Google Tag Manager. Working as a strategic partner for web analytics data, you will support ETL processes and data access to all stakeholders. As part of the role, you will also ensure data from all data sources is always accessible and automate data ingestion, both for reporting purposes and website content creation.


  • Stay ahead with an up to date Tech stack and newly established Data Team in Amsterdam
  • Ethos of sustainability and collaboration with environmentalism at the heart of the brand
  • Opportunities for career development with networking and CPD access


  • Enjoy good knowledge of JavaScript
  • Possess 3+ years work experience as Analytics/Software Engineer
  • Hold extensive knowledge of Google Tag Manager, Google Analytics, and Google Cloud Platform

Sounds good?

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For more information, connect with our specialised team member on LinkedIn Hana Emily Regan