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Case Studies


“Together we have hired senior backend developers, senior frontend developers, product designers, and product managers. Every step of the way is clear, OQ was able to work with our internal systems and our specific criteria, and at the end of the process, we hired exceptional people. We continue to work with OQ to this day.”

Rhys Davies,

Product Manager Team Lead

South Pole is a Swiss company founded in Zurich in 2006 that initially started as a carbon finance consultancy. South Pole’s business covers project and technology finance, data and advisory on sustainability risks and opportunities, as well as the development of environmental commodities such as carbon and renewable energy credits.



Candidates pre-interviewed
Cvs sent
CVs submitted were invited for an interview

Challenge Accepted

Orange Quarter started working with South Pole at the start of 2022. Their aim was to transition from a consultancy business to a company developing their own sustainability-oriented products and toolings spanning topics like reforestation, geothermal energy, energy trading, decarbonisation, sustainability analytics and more.

In order to do this South Pole needed to quickly build an organisational structure incorporating multiple cross-functional development teams across multiple locations.


Orange Quarter started by focusing on Javascript engineering across Frontend, Fullstack and Backend positions in the year’s first half. Once the core engineering positions were covered, we then moved on to hiring for Product Management and Design positions.

Our team then refocused on more senior candidates to hire a Team Lead for South Pole, while one of our hires from earlier in the year was promoted to the other Team Lead position! We were able to form close relationships with the hiring managers for each vertical to ensure our candidates really hit the mark, while close collaboration with the HR team we were able to cultivate by meeting face-to-face was pivotal in our ability to make things happen quickly for South Pole!

Hires made: 9

1x Tech Lead

1x Data Governance Specialist

3x Senior Backend Engineer

1x API Product Manager

2x Technical Product Manager

1x Product Designer