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Meet The Team

Meet the team

Introducing 24 talented, unique and driven individuals.

James Harris

Front End Team Lead

& Board Game Master

Alexandra Totney


& Homebody at Heart

Megan Gill

Principal Engineering Recruiter

& Techno Evangelist

Louis Hebbs

Principal Engineering Recruiter

& Over Competitive Ten Pin Bowler

Matt Barr

Sales Manager

Courtney Cox

Principal DevOps Recruiter

& Your Next Best Friend

Joe Walsh

Founder (CEO)

Kerry Harris

PHP, Node.js, Python, Golang Recruiter

& Self-Proclaimed Shopaholic

Angus Mackintosh

Principal Data Recruiter

& Funk Aficionado

Bradley Thomas

Principal Digital Marketing Recruiter

& 80’s Trivia Mastermind

Alisha Louwrens

Marketing Operations Manager

& Self-Proclaimed Masterchef

Aoife Morrin

Senior Data Recruiter

& Lord of the Rings Conversationalist

Thomas Long

Data and Analytics Recruiter

& Aspiring Deep Sea Fisherman

Joe Jackson

UX/UI Recruitment Consultant

& Music Maker

Poppy Ashmore

DevOps Recruitment Consultant

& Kimchi Maker

Bakhtawar Baloch

Lead Recruitment Consultant

David Healion

PHP & Python Talent Consultant

& Current Affairs Aficionado

Ashley Laverick

Mobile Recruiter

& Aspiring Pizzaiolo

Jordan Harvey

Java Recruiter

& Sky Diving Enthusiast

Ivan Sekulic

.NET Talent Consultant

& Football Fanatic

Claire de Wolf

Digital Content Strategist

& Chocolate Fudge Analyst

Tando Ncame

Frontend Talent Consultant

& Citizen of Wakanda

Nadia Amirmolavy

Recruitment Consultant

& Sunset Chaser

Aaron Phillip

Azure & DevOps Talent Consultant

& Hairline Specialist


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