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Computer Vision Engineer

Computer Vision Engineer

Den Bosch, Permanent

This company describes themselves as Google Maps on steroids. They create ultra high quality 360° 3D panoramic images that generate maps on a nationwide scale. This software can then be used by everyone from government organisations trying to implement 4G and 5G, to municipalities assessing their entire physical advertising infrastructure.


OQ-industries Software

What to expect:

You will be part of the R&D team building the algorithms and applications, using machine learning and deep learning techniques, that create automatic object detection systems. This industrial research environment is currently working on projects for the Netherlands, Germany and USA-based customers. In 2019 for 3 days, the platform was the highest consumer of Azure cores in the world. 


  • Ability to work with excellent datasets, some containing over 50k images.
  • There is a strong cloud infrastructure team, so you can focus on R&D activities such as algorithm design (most models here have 95% accuracy).
  • An informal and flat culture which supports technical excellence.
  • An international team with strong company growth over the past three years, and good investment.


  • Good programming skills are essential. Python and C++ are the principal languages.
  • Good knowledge of Open CV and Tensorflow (PyTorch and Keras are also acceptable).
  • Background in Computer Vision. You should know about object detection, cameras and lenses, objects in a 3D world.
  • Good understanding of SQL and database design.
  • Knowledge of Azure (or other cloud provider) is a plus but not essential.

Sounds good?

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