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Wir helfen Unternehmen in allen Phasen, mit den richtigen Mitarbeitern in die richtige Richtung zu wachsen. Wir bieten hochkarätige Talentakquise für das digitale Zeitalter.

Die Zahlen sprechen für sich

Über 80,000 qualifizierte Kandidaten in unserem Netzwerk

Skalierung von 260 Unternehmen, Tendenz steigend

Über 1,000 Neueinstellungen vorgenommen, Tendenz steigend

Was unsere Kunden sagen...

I've had the pleasure of working with both Louis and Joe at Orange Quarter. Throughout 2020 and before, we regularly used them for our hiring for a variety of engineering and design roles. Orange Quarter consistently showed us high energy and high quality delivering us results for each hire. As a result of this partnership, we scaled our team almost 2X and we plan to continue using them frequently in 2021. In addition, Orange Quarter has also gone out of its way to help us with some of the trickier aspects of hiring and employing people during COVID times. This extra effort from Orange Quarter exemplifies their professionalism and commitment to mutual success.

I have had the pleasure of working with Louis to find driven and talented engineers for different roles in our company. So far we have had several successful hires and our collaboration is still ongoing. Orange Quarter listens, makes adjustments if needed and is committed to finding the right fit.

Amsterdam & Berlin

WIr arbeiten mit Unternehmen in ganz Europa von unseren Zentralen in zwei der am schnellsten wachsenden Technologiestädte der Welt – Amsterdam und Berlin.