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Content Marketer

Content Marketer

Delft, Permanent

We’re working with a B2B tech start-up in Delft who are looking for a content marketer to join the team! They’re in the password security and management space, protecting valuable data, secrets and passwords for organisations.


When certain information isn’t properly hidden or secure, it leaves huge organisations at risk of being hacked. The industry is booming, as data leaks have happened to multiple global companies in the past couple of years, leaving millions of users’ data exposed.



What to expect:

You’re going to lead on everything content and marketing related as you’re the first full-time marketer within the company. You’re the chief storyteller, taking technical information and turning it into digestible and understandable language for your audiences. This leaves massive scope to get creative with your ideas as you’ll be the go-to marketing expert.


While the role is mainly content oriented, you also have some experience in general marketing activities like SEO, SEA and influencer marketing. As you’re the initial marketing hire, you’ll have the chance for the team to form around you in the future!


  • Flexible work environment
  • Stock options program
  • Ownership to develop the marketing department of the business
  • Friday afternoon socials


  • 4+ years of experience within content and marketing
  • A background in B2B and tech environments
  • Full fluency in English

Sounds good?

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