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Data Engineer

Data Engineer

Amsterdam, Permanent

One of NL’s leading specialists in advanced marketing analytics are now looking for a Data Engineer to join their team. You will be working on both their internal data platform, facilitating the development of ML algorithms for the DS teams to help with data-driven decision making along with some client-focussed work. These clients include some of NL’s largest e-commerce, fashion and telecom businesses.


OQ-industries Digital Platform
OQ-industries Marketing
OQ-industries Software

What to expect:

This is a dynamic and flexible role where you really have freedom to define what you work on. In general however, you will be working in close collaboration with senior stakeholders and Data Scientists to deliver scalable, reliable and flexible solutions both on the in-house platform as well as custom solutions for external clients. This includes enabling data flows to facilitate the production of Machine Learning products from conception to deployment (on GCP) with control over the end-to-end data life cycle, using tools like Airflow and programming in Python You will be the bridge between the development team (5 FTE) and the Data Science Team (10 FTE).


  • Freedom to develop data product strategy along with senior stakeholders and clients, acting as the data engineering expert in the room asking the right questions.
  • Experiment and innovate with new technologies to investigate new ways of advancing data within businesses.
  • Great chance to learn from your more senior colleagues who are all well-versed in best practices both on the development and data front.
  • Celebrating successes, be it by skiing in Austria, surfing in Portugal or just playing foosball in the office in Amsterdam and having a nice dinner with colleagues. Hard work is rewarded!


  • The technical approach is largely agnostic and solutions focussed dependent on business requirements. However, the typical tools and technologies they look for include Python and SQL. Some knowledge of Java would be preferred.
  • Confidence in selecting and designing a range of modern Data Engineering tools for various business use-cases, BigQuery for storage and Airflow for ETL would be great here.
  • Excellent communication skills. You will be working with others in the business (developers and data scientists) to design and implement scalable solutions and set a feasible roadmap for their delivery. English speaking is essential, Dutch is helpful.
  • Innovative mindset. Companies are looking to disrupt traditional ways of working and are putting data at the core of this transformation. Do it differently.

Sounds good?

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