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Data Migration/ETL Software Engineer

Data Migration/ETL Software Engineer

Permanent, Berlin

Amidst the chaos that has got the world on lockdown, there are some companies who are thriving and is it any wonder that the medical industry is one of them? I think not. This company are building a healthcare management platform that allows doctors and patients alike to have a full overview of their history and medical status. Additionally, they are including a communication platform so that specialists can speak directly with their patients without the headache of automated phone calls.


icon-healthcareCreated with Sketch. Healthcare
OQ-industries MedTech

What to expect:

You will be designing and building solutions to extract data from various sources whilst creating and maintaining a desktop application for end-to-end migration/ETL of data. Responsibilities will including architecting the data migration platform and ensuring scalability. Your code must be well tested and well documented, mapping out engineering so that resources are used effectively.


  • Working in a rewarding industry on a tangible product
  • A rewarding package with multiple perks
  • Healthy living incentives and memberships
  • Free snacks and drinks in the office


  • 3 years of experience developing applications with C#
  • 3 years of experience in Data Engineering, Data Analysis or related fields
  • Experience with implementation of ETL processes
  • 3 years of experience with relational databases (MS SQL, Oracle, etc)

Sounds good?

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