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DevOps Engineer (AWS & Kubernetes)

DevOps Engineer (AWS & Kubernetes)

Amsterdam, Permanent

This company designs and manages a premium application and other unique software that is digitizing the biggest organizations throughout the Netherlands. The demand for this tech has grown during COVID-19, propelling them on an even steeper growth trajectory in 2020. They prepare for the next stage of their journey with you – an experienced DevOps Engineer with in-depth knowledge of AWS and Kubernetes.


OQ-industries SaaS

What to expect:

You’ll set up the underlying infrastructure from a git repository and focus on intelligent automation with AWS, Terraform, Kubernetes, Helm, Flux and Docker. You’ll manage a small team of talented developers toward improving, maintaining and migrating the SaaS product. Speaking Dutch, you’re able to motivate and lead your team naturally toward these goals.


  • An incredible office in Amsterdam, but for now help in setting up a WFH office
  • Provided in office lunches and beers
  • Enough autonomy allowing for experimentation and personal development
  • A sizeable training budget for skills development
  • Top of the line equipment provided so you can excel in your field


  • Experienced in AWS, Kubernetes and Linux
  • The ability to roll out infrastructure to cloud services such as AWS, Azure or OpenStack
  • Experience with databases like PostgreSQL
  • Good soft skills that allow you to influence, motivate and lead teams toward common goals
  • Focus on automation and scripting using Bash, Perl or Python
  • Fluency in Dutch

Sounds good?

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