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Freelance Data Scientist

Freelance Data Scientist

Freelance, The Hague

This company is a major player in the energy market both in the Netherlands and abroad. They build global infrastructure that supports people’s daily lives, using advanced analytics solutions to now refine all areas of the business across new and existing energies. A global leader. 


OQ-industries Energy

What to expect:

You will be working within the global auditing sector within an eight-person strong international team. You work on multiple projects at the same time – in four week ‘engagements’ – within domains ranging from finance to power plants to downstream retail markets. This is a fast-paced environment which will suit someone who enjoys a learning curve. 


  • 12 month freelance contract, meaning no time on the dreaded bench.
  • Flexible offices hours are standard.
  • Noticeable impact on multiple domains across a global industry leader.
  • Chance to learn from a strong team of other senior Data Analysts and Scientists.


  • Strong experience in SQL is a must.
  • Good knowledge of SAP is also required. In particular FICO and MM are used in many projects.
  • An affinity for data visualisation - they typically use PowerBI. The more creative flair the better.
  • An ability to shift contexts between projects, delivering in different domains.

Sounds good?

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