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Lead Developer

Lead Developer

Amsterdam, Permanent

A cross-disciplinary team of experts are working hard to address the wellbeing issues that impact all aspects of our lives. This company works B2B, to help clients address these issues and guarantees a better work-life balance. By taking steps to improve employee health, overall engagement and productivity during working hours increases.


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What to expect:

Ever heard of the phrase ‘you are the average of the five people you spend the most time with’? This company finds, intelligent, ambitious and balanced individuals to join the team so you will spend your time in the office inspired, and the time out of the office able to appreciate whatever it is that makes you tick. You’ll be making decisions, working with super-smart people, and leading your team through the design and implementation of a product that you love. You’ll be motivated to be hands-on and work with agile methodologies to bring product visions to life on the daily.


  • Success in this role opens a clear career path to becoming CTO
  • Modern workplace setup with the flexibility to work from home
  • Competitive salary with additional equity/stocks
  • Great office location in the heart of Amsterdam


  • Fluency and senior-level skills in ReactNative
  • Experience working with Python, Ruby or JavaScript
  • You enjoy having an active role in Product Development
  • You're motivated to be a hands-on developer while also leading, up-skilling and educating your team on best practices

Sounds good?

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