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Senior Fullstack Engineer

Senior Fullstack Engineer

Berlin, Permanent

We are currently working with one of the world’s leading online publishing companies that is helping publishers move away from dumping their content online in a singular PDF format, and instead find other ways to publish content on multiple platforms, all in one slick and user friendly application. This company, working with both niche and well-established brands, has found a way to maximise it’s usage power during COVID-19 further enabling those within the education sector to upload and distribute content.


OQ-industries Publishing

What to expect:

With offices in Palo Alto, Copenhagen and Berlin, you can be assured to work in a truly international and multicultural product development space. This company encourages a shared vision and way of working across product and engineering. As a Fullstack Engineer you’ll spend around 60% of your time on the Frontend React.js application, and the other 40% of the time working Backend with Node.js and Python. When you’re not busy collaborating with your cross-functional team, you will spend 20% of your time dedicated to innovation and exploring new technologies. 


  • 20% of your contracted hours a dedicated to Innovation time and exploring new technologies
  • Bi-annual trips to Copenhagen
  • 28 holiday days
  • Onsite lunch everyday
  • Phone subscription
  • Above market rate salary


  • Full-stack experience (React.js, Node.js and/or Python)
  • Hands-on cloud experience (they’re using AWS)
  • Experience with Microservices architecture
  • Experience or knowledge of Distributed systems

Sounds good?

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