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Senior Java Software Engineer

Senior Java Software Engineer

Amsterdam, Permanent

Orange Quarter are working Amsterdam’s hottest new marketplace startup who are looking for a Senior Java Software Engineer. They are building a brand new cloud based B2B marketplace to completely revolutionise an industry stuck in the 20th century. This industrial marketplace facilitates multi-million euro deals and transactions, with complex authorization, finance and negotiation features it is far more than your standard marketplace. Worried about joining a start up? Don’t be, they’ve got huge financial backing and are already turning over tens of millions.



What to expect:

You’re coming on board to focus on backend development, where you’ll be working in a small team with 3 other backend specialists. They have a modern JVM stack focussed on Spring Boot microservices and AWS. The application is currently around 50% monolith and you will be tasked with breaking this down into complex microservices. There’s  an exciting roadmap of new features to build over the next 6 months and a large part of your role will be architecting new features and APIs with your teammates.

They organise themselves by the principles of holocracy, so their structure is entirely flat with no central management structures. On top of that, they are all about output and support remote working, flexible hours and just getting it done!


  • You wont just be an implementer but will have a lot of creative input
  • Be one of the original developers in a rapidly growing startup
  • Extreme flexibility with no office hours
  • Working in a holocracy with shared responsibilities
  • Strong salary, bonus scheme, unlimited holidays, pension and insurance schemes


  • Strong experience with Java, JavaEE, Spring Boot, Docker is a MUST
  • You know your away around AWS (or another Cloud provider)
  • You can design and implement microservices
  • 'The start-up mindset', you're proactive, resilient, flexible and experimental
  • You are passionate, to fit in here you need to love what you do

Sounds good?

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