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Senior Python Engineer

Senior Python Engineer

Berlin, Permanent

This company are a heavily focused tech company who anonymise images, primarily within the mobility, automotive and public surveillance industries. Their product is used to analyse the behaviour of cars and people that is then sold to automotive companies for the production of driverless vehicles. They are working on a global scale and collaborate with companies in China, where data leaving the country is a security risk and must be anonymised. For more familiarity, they are also working with Tier Scooters in Berlin as they plan to add cameras to their vehicles for improved health & safety.



What to expect:

At the moment they are doing customer solutions for each one of their customers but what they need to strive towards achieving is a more scalable alternative, given the costs and time it takes to do things case by case. This will involve creating a generic solution once the underlying issues have been identified. Because they are anonymising both vehicle number plates and human faces, they are GDPR compliant and have to adhere to regulations. It’s all about reaching a certain degree of quality and then enhancing performance where you will be creating data pipelines working as an engineer.


  • Competitive salary relative to the Berlin market
  • Ultimate flexibility in a close-knit environment
  • Rewards and recognition for great achievements
  • Fixed training budget
  • Free breakfast, fruit and drinks
  • Team activities such as game nights, barbecues, Friday beers etc.
  • Health and public transportation benefits


  • Core Python competencies
  • Proficiencies with Docker and containerisation
  • Architectural confidence to refactor and improve design patterns
  • Bare-bone Backend Engineering skills
  • Start-up experience
  • Interest in AI & Machine Learning

Sounds good?

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