Driving positive change: diversity and inclusion in tech

How to improve diversity and inclusion in Tech

How can you ramp up diversity in your workplace? In this blog, we’re showing you how.

7 December 2021

Over the last few years, discussion around diversity and inclusiveness has become more prominent. Tech giants like Netflix are, for the first time, publicly sharing their inclusion reports for the world to see — outwardly committing themselves to become even more diverse in the future.

By the end of 2020, women now make up 47% of the Netflix global workforce (up 7% from the year before). 8% of their US employees were Black (more than doubled since 2017), and 8.1% were Hispanic (up from 6%).

It’s encouraging to see an improvement in the tech space; with that in mind, how can you improve D&I in your workplace?


How your company can improve diversity

70% of job seekers value a commitment to diversity in potential employers, according to research from The Manifest. So hiring managers need to address their approach to D&I now to attract and retain top tier talent.

What can you change?


Consciously address unconscious bias

Unconscious bias is something that is deeply ingrained in us all. We make snap judgements all the time; in fact, you might not be aware that you’re still doing it. Employers are starting to address this by initiating what’s called ‘blind recruitment’ — the CV is stripped when applying for jobs to make the playing field level. Names, pictures, addresses, everything personal is removed from the CV.

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Blind recruitment is all well and good, but what about beyond the recruitment stage? To learn more about it, you can participate in unconscious bias workshops where you can learn how unconscious bias affects decision making and how you can work together to achieve better diversity in the workplace. Check out this one from Esther Mollema, a speaker and trainer based in Hilversum, Netherlands; you can attend the workshop in person or take part virtually.


Outwardly fight and campaign for fair and equal pay

According to NL Times, the gender pay gap is still a big issue in The Netherlands, with women receiving 14.6% less than men — it’s not just prevalent in The Netherlands; women are paid 14.1% less than men across EU states in general.

How to ensure fair pay:

  • Don’t ask candidates questions about their current salary; this can create a disparity with salaries before they even begin
  • On your job ads, make sure the salary band stated is in line with your current employees’
  • Review salaries regularly and research market averages for salaries to remain a fair pay employer



Be as inclusive as you possibly can be

Sounds obvious, doesn’t it? But inclusivity doesn’t just happen on its own; you have to work to make sure it’s happening across your organisation. It’s not just about hiring a variety of people from diverse backgrounds; it’s about making sure everyone feels comfortable enough to be themselves without judgement. 

3 guidelines for inclusive language:

  1. Remove assumptions from the workplace, e.g. use words like ‘partner’ when asking questions about spouses — keep everything gender-neutral.
  2. Introduce yourself to others using your pronouns to make others feel comfortable.
  3. Be mindful of the language you use when it comes to mental health (e.g. I’m so OCD), religious beliefs (e.g. asking for forenames rather than Christian names), and slang terms in general. 

It’s important to note that becoming a diverse and inclusive employer won’t happen overnight, but you can make small changes immediately. 


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