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Evolution of Data Engineering

Evolution of Data Engineering

Meetup | 25 October 2023

This October we’re pleased to bring you an event tailored toward our Data Community in The Netherlands. We have combined forces with two of Amsterdam’s most influential Data experts to delve into the evolution of Data as we know it today:


🎤 Friso van Vollenhoven, Engineering Manager Data, Bitvavo:

Data Engineering From Technology Grab Bag to Data Product

The past decade has seen more data specific tools and technology appear than probably the thirty five years before it. From competing schedulers, to a myriad of enterprise governance solutions, to an explosion of machine learning frameworks. If keeping up with technology becomes a goal, you set yourself up for a lifetime of chasing tickets, and bugs. In this talk we elaborate on how successful data engineering teams position themselves as product teams catering to internal users, and product engineering teams, along with the architecture decisions and criteria for tool selection that match it.


🎤 Rob Winters, Data Leader:

⚡How to Have a Job as a Data Engineer in 20 Years


The last 20 years have seen enormous evolution in the space of data engineering, running a gamut of buzzwords and technologies: cloud, big data, hadoop (remember that?), etc. However, many of the principles that made for great data engineers two decades ago will likely hold true in another 20 years. In this talk, we will explore how the scope and tools of DEs have evolved over the years, what has remained consistent in the problems we solve, and make prognoses about what skills will still remain pertinent in the next decade.


🤝 Who is this event for?

  • Data Engineers 
  • Engineering and Data leadership 

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Want to join?

  • Bloemgracht 117


  • 25th October

    18:00 - 20:00

  • 40 seats available, invitation only

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