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Leaning into the Future of Mobility:

Leaning into the Future of Mobility:

In partnership with Achmea


We’re evolving towards a world that is increasingly concerned about the common good: environmental impact, ecological transition, equity, social inclusiveness, and technological innovation… 


If you’re the kind of product expet who wants to focus on maximising positive social impact, then this meetup is for you!


Our next Meetup explores the future of (e)mobility and how companies go about building products that are socially conscious. 


Expert speakers will discuss how they have transformed their products and brands over the years and the challenges that arise for e-mobility Product Managers and Designers in an ever-changing world.


⚡ Key topics:

  • Working with startups or established companies that are driven by a social mission
  • How to manage a focus on social impact alongside revenue generation and growth
  •  Measuring social impact and using this data to manage strategy/ product roadmaps / OKRs
  • Scaling up tech for good products (funding/technology/marketing)


Who is this event for? 

  • Product experts who work in mobility 
  • E-mobility product Founders 
  • Product People who are considering a move to e-mobility  
  • Aspiring Product Managers

Keen to join?

  • Bloemgracht 117,



  • 7th June

    18:00 - 21:00

  • 40 seats available, invitation only

Keen to join?


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