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Case Studies


”Recruiting for a Senior Director of Engineering in a company like ours where the role is paramount to our success could have been a stressful experience. Thanks to OQ, all those stresses were removed and we were presented with only the elite to choose from. Thank you again to OQ for being an invaluable resource in bettering our staff base.”

Dmitry Ivanov,

Sr. Director of Engineering

BEAT’s mission is to create technology for a better urban life, driving deep connections with the undeserved communities across the region. As a ride-hailing app, BEAT is focused on making urban transportation more efficient, affordable, and safe for its passengers, whilst providing new economic opportunities to its drivers.
Beat landed in Amsterdam for the first time looking to build a Tech Engineering Hub and gave OQ the task to headhunt a CTO from our network that they could build a high functioning engineering team around and scale across Europe.

Candidates were pre-interviewed by OQ for the role
CVs were sent, of which 2 were selected for an interview
CVs submitted by OQ were invited for an interview

Since the inception of online taxi services, it has been extremely simple to find the service that best suits your needs. One such app, is the Beat Ride service, a mobile app that transforms the way people move in their cities.
Nikos Drandakis, an extreme techno-optimist, founded the Beat app. Beat was previously known as Taxibeat. It aspires to create more efficient and user-friendly urban landscapes by reimagining solutions that are more efficient and user-friendly. Beat app is currently the fastest-growing app in Latin America. With the help of its drivers, the app can help you find the necessary riding or courier services.