Four things employees want from you as a tech employer

Four things employees want from you as a tech employer

HINT: It’s more than a smattering of bean bags and a pool table.

18 October 2021

When you first enter the world of work, whatever age you are, it can be easy to be blindsided by bean bags, casual office wear and a fancy coffee machine. And on the surface of it, that sounds like a pretty cool, laid back office to work in. But do these objects really personify a “great working environment”? Put bluntly, no, they don’t, but they can positively contribute to one.

Research suggests that injecting a playful element into the working environment can increase productivity and induce happiness, which is great to hear. But employees are yearning for more than a happy work environment (and the occasional pizza party).

So, what is it employees want from you?


Shared values

Years ago, employees probably didn’t factor in whether the company’s values aligned with their own. But now, there is an abundance of tech companies searching for the best talent, so the employees can afford to be super picky. And why not? It’s important who they work for and what they stand for — you want to feel as though you’re contributing to something bigger than yourself.

With the pandemic forcing companies to adopt tech, perhaps way before their time, it means more companies are now looking to invest in tech talent. Which, yep, you guessed it, means there are more opportunities for tech employees to pick from. 

So you’re going to have to up your game here! Stand out and stand for something.


A leader they can get behind

In a tech survey conducted by Indeed, “transparent leadership” came out as the top characteristic employees look for in a company (89%). But what does that mean? It means don’t be sneaky; it means include all team members in conversations and listen and implement the good ideas. 

The whole point of teamwork is that every member needs to feel listened to and appreciated. Neither of those things can be achieved if you aren’t open, honest and transparent with every member of the team.



After the pandemic, who doesn’t want flexibility? Even if you want to work from the office, no one wants to be told they have to take half a day off for a hospital appointment or something along those lines.

According to TechCrunch, many tech giants have been leading the way in this ‘hybrid’ approach of working since the pandemic. Companies including Apple, Salesforce, Facebook, Microsoft, and Google — to name a few. And it’s something employees now expect — in a recent survey, 58% of respondents said they would look elsewhere for a job if they couldn’t continue working remotely.


The opportunity to learn

In data shared by People Management, 78% of people would “take the opportunity to better understand and use new technology in the workplace”. But here’s where the disparity lies, 51% said their employer didn’t give them a chance to learn digital skills outside their usual work duties.

With research suggesting 58% of the workforce will need to be upskilled to do their job effectively, now is the time for employers to foster a learning culture to benefit both employees and the company. 

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