OQ x Not Only Code Series – Job search advice for Junior Developers

OQ x Not Only Code Series - Job search advice for Junior Developers

Industry experts share practical advice on networking, interviewing and technical tests

16 December 2020

Software Developers are in high demand, but that doesn’t mean that the job search comes without some challenges. Throughout a hiring process a hiring manager will not only assess your hard skills like experience with a variety of languages and your proficiency in writing code, but also on your soft skills. These soft skills are put to the test as you start with networking, interviewing preparations, research on the company and how you go about job offer negotiations towards the end of a process. 

2020 has been a challenging one for any junior candidates looking to enter the workforce with little to no experience.  In our last bonus episode with Greg Witek from Not Only Code, we have compiled expert tips specifically geared towards supporting junior engineers during their job hunt.

Here are our top job search tips for junior engineers:

  • Networking: reach out to people on LinkedIn and meet-ups, get involved in talks and topics to meet people in the industry, search for more companies beyond the well-known brands
  • Build your online presence: your activity is very important, any side projects that you are working on (portfolio, websites) are valuable to show
  • Always be prepared for the interview: learn about the company as much as you can, what are the questions you can ask them that will set you apart? 
  • Be bold: do something beyond what you’re required, if you get some feedback after the interview try to implement it and send it to show that you work on it
  • Look for companies that already have some juniors (even if they don’t have open junior positions right now!)
  • Think about the future – place perspective above the salary
  • Find a good team and a great manager – if you have the choice, pick a job where you can work with people that will help you develop your skills
  • If you get to the technical interviewing stage, make sure you go the extra mile and spend as much time possible on the technical test: the competition is fierce for juniors, this is your opportunity to stand out from the crowd
  • Study the profiles of engineers that work at companies you want to work for and reverse their profiles: where did they start their career, how did they showcase their portfolios, and apply these learnings


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