Introducing: OQ x Not Only Code Interview Series with Greg Witek

Introducing: OQ x Not Only Code Interview Series with Greg Witek

OQ and Greg Witek join forces in their Interview Series, sharing insider information on job hunting in tech.

17 November 2020

At the start of the pandemic, Greg realized that many people were reflecting on their careers and looking for new job opportunities. He also found that programming beginners have many resources for this, contrary to those with more experience. They seem to struggle with the question of  ‘what’s next’ – craving for navigation or a guiding mentor. This is where Not Only Code comes in.

By means of his Not Only Code website and YouTube channel, Greg shares useful advice on how to become a successful software developer. With extensive experience across software engineering and hiring his own teams, he knows the drill. Greg highlights the fact that becoming successful is much more than your programming skills, it also involves honing your soft skills and working on your emotional intelligence. Programming is about code, but Not Only Code.

Over four episodes, Greg sits down to discuss how to approach applying, interviewing, and negotiating with thought leaders and OQ experts. First up is our Data and analytics specialist Angus, sharing expert advice and actionable insights on finding compatible job offers, how to impress with your resume, LinkedIn profile optimisation and best practices on following up after applying.

Our top 10 tips for optimising your job search are:

  • Even if you meet only 60% of the requirements of your dream role – be confident and apply! 
  • Pay attention to your layout, format & include an “about-section” 
  • Add relevant skills to your profile to boost search results, but avoid grading your own skills 
  • Include clear job titles by adjusting positions that optimally reflect your actual work
  • Include side projects and other activities, as they can put you ahead of others
  • Make it clear when you need a visa sponsorship
  • Create 2 – 3 versions of your resume and choose depending on the company
  • Look for other company employees on LinkedIn to see their backgrounds
  • Skip EasyApply function on LinkedIn, write a more tailored application to stand out

Are you ready to crack the code on your job application success?

See the full interview here: 

If you’re in tech and thinking of moving jobs, currently applying, already in the interview process or ready for contract negotiations: stay tuned for more!

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