OQ x Not Only Code Series: This is what tech recruiters look for

OQ x Not Only Code Series: This is what tech recruiters look for

Greg Witek sits down with Ross Inman to gain interviewing insider info. 

1 December 2020

We will not deny that job interviews can be gut-wrenching, but conquering those nerves will undoubtedly help you land that dream job. To guarantee that you beat those nerves and win your next job interview, OQ and Greg Witek have teamed up for another episode for his channel Not Only Code.


We invited Ross Inman, Talent Acquisition Specialist at REKKI, who believes that “preparation is everything.” Ross is usually the one asking, but this time we turned the tables and questioned him on interviewing and the most effective preparation methods to apply.


Our top tips for your initial screening interview with an internal tech recruiter:


  • Preparation is everything: before the interview, make sure you learn about the company’s products, values and about the role you’re applying for
  • Think about how your past experience can be useful in the role you’re applying for
  • Ask good questions, specific to the company and to the role, ask about how you can contribute to the company’s success
  • Think beyond the technology: ask about the business model, plans, and challenges
  • Companies pay attention to their values, think about how you will fit the company’s culture
  • Do not rush with answering questions, tell the interviewer you need a moment and think for a few seconds
  • Both big and small companies reach out to people they find online, so make yourself visible there
  • Communication is a fundamental skill and it might be a deal-breaker if you communicate poorly
  • Rejection is not forever – companies often reach out to past candidates when they have new roles
  • If you don’t get your dream job, understand what you need to improve, work on it and try again in 12 months


Bring your nerves down by upping your interview preparation. Check out the full episode here:

If you’re in tech and thinking of moving jobs, currently applying, already in the interview process, or ready for contract negotiations: stay tuned for more!

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