OQ x Not Only Code Series: Tips on Negotiating Your Next Job Offer

OQ x Not Only Code Series: Tips on Negotiating Your Next Job Offer

Greg Witek talks with Matt Barr for negotiation strategies, tips & tricks.

9 December 2020

We all know that feeling, getting a congratulatory call from the company you’ve been interviewing with. You are the preferred candidate in their recruitment process and you have just landed yourself a job offer! For many, negotiations might feel uncomfortable – especially if you are just starting out in your professional career and you’re inexperienced on how to take charge of discussions surrounding offer details. 


In our last episode for this series, Greg Witek joins forces with Orange Quarter’s Sales manager and master negotiator, Matt Barr, to discuss expert advice and actionable insights on how to navigate the job offer: choosing the best offer, setting expectations, bonus structures, counteroffers and more. 


How to approach your next job offer negotiation:



  • During the interviewing process, make sure both sides remain aligned on the expectations and benefits (as they might change along the process depending on your needs)
  • When choosing the offer, consider the whole package, including stocks, bonuses and other benefits, travel time, the product and growth-potential
  • When it comes to share or stock options in job offers, companies have different ways of allocating, dividing and vetting those stocks. Ensure you understand what those mean for you in the short and long term.
    • Understand the annual bonus structure – is it based on individual performance, company performance or fixed?
  • Especially in start-up capitals like The Netherlands and Germany, engineers often learn that moving jobs does not  necessarily guarantee you a salary increase  –  if you can work in a much better environment, a pay cut might be acceptable for you depending on your reasons for leaving your current job
  • When accepting the offer, make sure to get all the details written down in black and white before signing the contract 
  • Never accept a counteroffer – it will change your salary but will only be a gain on the short term
  • Some companies might not want to share feedback after rejecting candidates, but you should always ask for it


Check out the full interview here:

If you’re in tech and thinking of moving jobs, currently applying, already in the interview process, or ready for contract negotiations: stay tuned for more!


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