Re-branding recruiting: OQ’s mission and new look

Re-branding recruiting: OQ's mission and new look

We have a new look, a new website and it’s refuelling our mission to change the recruiter stereotype.

7 February 2020

So here we are, staring down the barrel of a new decade. On a personal level, we’re reminded that our skin isn’t as fresh as it used to be and our hangovers are definitely getting worse. Orange Quarter, on the other hand, has only gotten stronger with age and is ready to reveal a new digital face that is friendlier and powered by more tech energy than ever before.

Since our inception in 2015, Orange Quarter has come a long way both literally and figuratively. We moved from England’s Jewellery Quarter to set up our HQ in Amsterdam. We grew our team from a modest 3 to over 20 consultants and then riding that wave of momentum, we opened another office in Berlin. Our steady growth is a product of our internationally-minded, people-first approach and our specialist consultants that make connection their profession. To mark a new milestone for OQ, we highlight our mission with the release of a new website and brand that we hope will begin to shift to the stereotype that comes with the recruiter title.

Our mission has always remained to accelerate company growth, team growth and personal growth through focused connection. If you’ve ever received a call or a Linkedin message from OQ, you’ll know that we like to communicate with personality, our values inform the way we do so.


Goodbye KPI
Letting go of the pressure of numbers empowers us to be more human. Face-to-face meetings are encouraged, we removed time limits on phone calls and clearly focus on quality over quantity.

Speed & Accuracy
We don’t need KPIs to motivate us. We are naturally proactive, driven by results and work fast to match the pace of the startups, scaleups and tech heavyweights we work with.

Tech & Digital Market Specialists
We don’t take the label of market specialist lightly. We commit to being the most knowledgeable recruiters in our individual markets and build niche networks to match.

Detailed Culture Matching
Our focus is not only skill matching, but culture matching. Getting to know our candidates and clients in high detail means we can make better matches in both culture and skill.

It’s a key ingredient in the way we communicate. We are empowered to let our true personality shine through in Linkedin posts, emails and meetings. If that means an emoji or a swear word here and there, so be it.


OQs new logo and website are a visualisation of these values. The logo is techy, but approachable with a rounded typeface and quartered O that also represents our Q. The namesake colour takes a backseat in our new brand but never fear, we’ll always remain Oranges on the inside.



Our new website has been optimised for clients looking for support in recruitment and candidates looking for a new role in tech or digital marketing. Clients can now easily gain an understanding of our track record helping other companies scale by quickly requesting a case study online. Candidates are able to browse our streamlined jobs board, updated daily with new opportunities. They can choose to apply for a job directly, share their profile or connect with a recruiter directly on Linkedin.

With the new website, we also launch the Orange Quarter Journal where we explore the world of tech, highlight progressive workplace culture and showcase industry events and news. We launch with Amsterdam and Berlin city Guides and guests blogs that touch on two of our pillar hiring areas – Data and DevOps.


“We’ve been leading tech hiring in Amsterdam and Berlin now for five years and it is about time we put forward a brand that represents the great work we’re doing in space. We’ve always maintained that recruiting for us should be personal and natural  – those aren’t words that people normally associate with recruiters but we’re determined to make each experience with OQ count toward reinventing the recruiter stereotype.”
Joe Walsh, Founder at Orange Quarter


Get scrolling and of course get in touch with us, talking about your growth goals is our favourite topic.