Backend developer salaries Amsterdam 2023

Backend Developer Salaries Amsterdam 2023

A comprehensive breakdown of programming languages and their earning potential

21 June 2023

Amsterdam is rich in culture, has a relatively good cost of living and it’s tech scene is becoming more international as top talent continues to migrate to the vibrant city from all over the globe. Thinking of making the move? Download our Expat Guide for relocation to Amsterdam.

Our comprehensive breakdown Backend roles and their earning potential. Amsterdam’s software Engineers are some of the best paid in Europe. Years of experience have an impact on salary, as well as automation-, process-, framework and functional skills. Company size, industry and funding stage will also play a role in earning potential.

Recruiting for hundreds of roles across Backend engineering has given us a good grasp on salary benchmarks in Amsterdam across various industries and company sizes. Now, drawing on years worth of our own data we’ve crunched the numbers to present Orange Quarter’s Backend Developer Salary Review for Amsterdam.


We used salaries specified by hiring companies during the interview process with Orange Quarter as our key data source.

We removed interview invites sent with missing information (like position title or company location) in order to ensure that the data can be compared consistently. We also removed salaries that were unusually low or high to get rid of any extreme outliers. You can also check out the Dutch Income Calculator to estimate earnings based on special tax regimes or a Master’s degree.

Experience Level Key:

Junior (0-2 years): Learning technologies, beginners understanding of how data adds value to the business. Recent graduates.

Medior (2-4 years): Confident using specific frameworks and technologies, knowledge of production environments, learning about scalable solutions, leading small projects and mentor juniors.

Senior (4+ years): Expert understanding of a range of frameworks and technologies, strategic mindset to deliver business value, design architecture and roadmap, coaches others and communicates with top-level management.


30% Ruling Requirements

For 2023 the minimum salary to qualify for the 30% ruling has been raised to EUR 41.954 annually

Salary: All of the below salaries are based on an annual salary including an 8% holiday pay.

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