20 Tech Companies for Remote Jobs

20 Tech Companies for Remote Jobs

OQ lists companies that define the future of work.

7 December 2020

As we are approaching the end of 2020, almost every facet of our daily life has been dramatically influenced by the global pandemic.

Our day-to-day work environments are no exception to this change, and we see this especially in the Tech Industry. Together with the accelerated adoption of Cloud computing, the general availability of quality communication tools and fast internet connections, companies are increasingly open to more flexible remote work agreements between employer and employee, and in many instances even allowing for full remote work indefinitely.

We are excited to share that we have done an in-depth analysis of some top companies that have adapted their remote work strategies (and seen some brilliant results).

To any potential job seekers – we would like to present a curated list of the top companies that have gone either fully remote, or partially remote in a big way. We only provide a hint of what each company has to offer – for the full picture you need to get in touch with us or them (remotely of course!).

Modern Tribe 

As a full-remote digital agency, Modern Tribe is built to collaborate beyond concrete walls and to offer global solutions for global leaders. This rapidly growing company attracts talent from all over the world and counts itself already at more than 10 million users. 

Do you want to join their team of ambitious problem-solvers, taking on c20 complex challenges and developing virtual solutions? Check out their careers page here.



Founded in 2014 by two leading ladies, Milena Berry and Katharine Zaleski, on a mission: to uplift the world through placing and keeping diverse women in high-visibility careers. Through their platform, they connect Fortune 500 companies and fast-growing startups with women who are aiming to work for tech companies who value gender diversity and inclusion. 

They also offer an enormous list of remote jobs all over the world. Have a look at the collection here




Wondering what happens if you group together engineers, big data experts, designers, hotel managers and travellers?

Introducing CloudBeds: an award-winning hospitality management suite that helps hotels, vacation rentals and inns to save time and automate their operations. With only one system, one login, they provide the most efficient payment processing. Their team consists of more than 400 people in 40 different countries, making it a diverse group of individuals filled with different cultures and ideas. Can’t wait to be the next amazing asset to their team? Check out more here.





Next one on our hotlist, is the collaborative platform Dataiku, empowering both self-service analytics as the operationalization of machine learning models in production. Its founding belief, back in 2013, was that we must use data science, machine learning, and AI for continuous innovation. This tech company has been listed in Forbes’ best start-up employers 2020 and Inc.’s best workplaces list. 


If you’re ready to discover more, read all about Dataiku here





They are one of the world’s biggest fully remote performance marketing agencies and always keep their focus on both progress and team-spirit. They are experts in connecting clients with partners who understand their businesses, bringing forth long-term value and goal achievements.


If you are keen on joining this seasoned group of industry experts, strategists, thought leaders: explore the possibilities here





We suggest you check out this software development platform, one of the remote-only software companies that are defining the future of working. Operating on a fully remote basis (with or without a pandemic) and determined to improve working together on bits of code. 

More great news: they have heaps of remote positions open in engineering, UX, quality, and more interesting areas. All listed for you here

Did you know Gitlab has GitHub integrated? Discover here how you can use GitHub to land your dream job as a developer – at Gitlab potentially!





Numbers alone can’t tell you what users really do on your site — Hotjar will. It’s safe to say this is an industry-leading and easily-used service that matches user behavior analysis and website feedback tools to help its clients understand their website and its users. Complementing data and insights from Google Analytics, combining them with tools like heatmaps, session recordings and surveys. 


Check their remote jobs here.





Next spotted on our list is HubSpot, leading customer relationship management platform that offers software and support to business growth. This company works with an all-in-one approach, providing all tools and integrations needed for achieving your (leads, sales, service, website) goals. Hubs for CMS, Service, Marketing and Sales. 

Does that sound like a mission you’d like to be part of, reach out to them here



Close io

After finding out that existing sales infrastructure solutions were not truly understanding the needs of sales people in terms of job and daily workflow, this team decided to fix that by developing their own internal sales application. It sold itself, leading up to millions of dollars in sales for venture-backed Silicon Valley startups that were also using their secret magical ingredient: Close. More and more companies showed interest, which is why the team decided to release Close as an official application. 


Are you excited about SaaS and 100% remote-first working? They would love to meet you, check Close.io out. 



Purple Gaze

We need to keep an eye on this one. Purple Gaze is all about developing eye-tracking software and hardware. Their product helps researchers to learn more about brain disorders through the collection and analysis of high-quality eye movement data. Their level of innovation is eye-opening, as they are using high-performance eye tracking, portable devices, and a flexible researcher interface. You can start your own research by simply plugging into USB and installing their application. 


Ready to join their remote engineering team? Discover their jobs here


These are not the only companies who are shaping the future way of working. In the midst of the ongoing pandemic, more and more companies will shift towards remote working – with this line-up taking the lead: 


  • Klara (visit their career page here)
  • 3YourMind (visit their career page here)
  • Sesame (visit their career page here)
  • Databricks (visit their career page here)
  • Eightfold .ai (visit their career page here)
  • Fortinet (visit their career page here)
  • SAP (visit their career page here)
  • Aha! (visit their career page here)
  • Slack (visit their career page here)


Do you want to speed up your remote job search for the new year? 

Check our remote roles here and optimally prepare yourself for remote working with OQ’s Guide for Remote working.