5 Subreddits to up your Data Game

5 Subreddits to up your Data Game

 Looking for interesting ways to immerse yourself in data-heavy conversations and communities? Check out these subreddits. 

17 January 2022

If you haven’t ventured over to reddit.com and got lost inside a thread (r/tifu, anyone?), then you’re missing out. Reddit has a community for almost anything you can think of. So when it comes to data, you can get involved in all kinds of subreddits to keep tabs on the latest machine learning concepts or to get stuck into debates about data visualisation. 

Here are five subreddits to consider.


#1 /r/DataScienceJobs/

As you’ve probably figured out, this thread is handy if you’re looking for a job in data science or machine learning. Users share new job opportunities every day, many of them remote positions. So if you want to stay notified when it comes to data jobs, then we’d recommend you stay tuned to this subreddit. 

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#2 /r/dataisbeautiful/

Data visualisation helps the human brain understand large quantities of data; visual context helps us better understand it, helping us identify patterns and find errors quickly. If data visualisation fascinates you, you might find /r/dataisbeautiful inspires your own data projects. This subreddit is where users share perfect data visualisation, maps and graphics that eloquently communicate sometimes complex information.



#3 /r/MachineLearning/

With over 2 million followers, the machine learning subreddit is very popular amongst the Reddit community. If you head over there, you can expect to explore topics including predictive statistics, data mining, analytics and pattern recognition. With machine learning enthusiasts sharing valuable insights, this subreddit offers users an opportunity to discover new models and gain feedback on project work.


#4 /r/Analytics/ 

The Analytics subreddit is where you can join over 110,000 members in problem-solving and generally exploring everything analytics with a skew to Google Analytics—got questions about Google Analytics? Or maybe your question is about courses for data analysis like the user below. Whether you’re an analyst or a marketer, you could find this subreddit pretty useful.



#5 /r/statistics

If you currently use statistics in your job or want to learn more about statistical theory, then this subreddit is for you. This subreddit is filled with over 300,000 users hailing from different backgrounds — from researchers to students. 


Just one more thing

Hopefully, we’ve given you a few subreddits to explore to up your data game. BUT, if you’re looking to take a break from learning, you should check out /r/dataisugly. Whether you’re a budding data analyst or you’re just looking for something to make you smile, band together with 550,000 other users to share failed data visualisations like this confusing graphic about alcoholism by country. Enjoy!


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