6 Visionary CTOs Revolutionising Healthcare in NYC

6 Visionary CTOs Revolutionising Healthcare in NYC

18 March 2024

In the ever-evolving landscape of healthcare, technology plays a pivotal role in driving innovation and improving patient outcomes. In New York City, a hub of innovation and excellence, a group of visionary Chief Technology Officers (CTOs) is leading the charge in revolutionizing the healthcare industry. Let’s explore the remarkable work of these five CTOs and their transformative impact on healthcare in NYC.


CTO & Co-Founder: Matt Lynch

Sage focuses on developing innovative healthcare solutions to streamline clinical workflows and improve patient care. Prior to becoming CTO and Co-Founder of Sage, Matt Lynch contributed significantly to healthcare and technology sectors, including installing server-cluster-based software at Siemens Healthcare and leading software development projects at the Naval Surface Warfare Center, US Navy. His journey through roles at Palantir Technologies further honed his leadership and technical skills, culminating in his current role driving innovation at Sage.


2.Included Health

CTO & SVP of Engineering: Wade Chambers

Included Health delivers integrated virtual care and navigation, breaking down barriers to high-quality healthcare for everyone. Wade Chambers, before stepping into his role as CTO & SVP of Engineering, accumulated over 25 years of engineering leadership experience across various organizations, including Twitter and Yahoo, and even served in the military and the White House Situation Room. His diverse background contributes to Included Health’s mission to transform healthcare access and delivery.


3. Thirty Madison 

CTO: Gil Shklarski

Thirty Madison is committed to providing specialized care for chronic conditions, focusing on access, affordability, and patient experience. Gil Shklarski, now CTO, previously scaled technology teams at Flatiron Health, enhancing care for millions of cancer patients. His expertise in engineering management and team development is pivotal as Thirty Madison expands into women’s health, striving to transform speciality care for patients.



CTO: Kinshuk Mishra

Cedar is redefining healthcare financial engagement with an innovative platform that connects providers and payers, empowering consumers with an optimized healthcare experience. Kinshuk Mishra, before becoming CTO, developed a robust foundation in software engineering with roles at Spotify, YouTube, Amazon, and Expedia. His leadership in building and scaling products is crucial to Cedar’s mission to simplify healthcare transactions and improve patient experiences.



CTO: Claire Hough 

Getlabs stands as the nationwide leader for at-home diagnostics, enabling healthcare providers to extend their reach beyond traditional settings. Claire Hough, CTO, embarked on a journey of continuous learning and leadership across various Silicon Valley startups before joining Getlabs. Her passion for building beloved customer products and her commitment to innovation fuel Getlabs’ mission to enhance access to care and enable informed medical decisions remotely.



CTO: Alexander Daw

andros tackles the complexities of building, managing, and optimizing health provider networks with a technology-driven approach. Alexander Daw, who served as Chief Architect at ExpertVoice and in architectural roles at Ask.com before becoming CTO at andros, brings a wealth of software development and leadership experience to the table. Under his technical guidance, andros is empowering healthcare organizations to deliver efficient and effective care across the United States.