Best Barcelona companies for DevOps Engineers

Best Barcelona companies for DevOps Engineers

Our top picks and why engineers love them

25 April 2023

Barcelona has become a hub for innovative startups, cutting-edge technology companies, and a vibrant tech community. Barcelona’s tech scene is characterised by its diverse ecosystem, which includes a wide range of industries such as e-commerce, fintech, gaming, artificial intelligence, and healthtech. The city’s unique blend of a Mediterranean lifestyle, rich culture, and technological innovation has made it an attractive destination for tech entrepreneurs and professionals alike.

We work with some of Barcelona’s fastest growing Tech companies to hire DevOps Engineers. Ready for a new challenge? Connect with our specialist recruiter Erik Schüngel.


Albelli-Photobox Group

Tech Stack: AWS & Kubernetes 

Total Employee Count: 484 

HQ: Valencia

Albelli and Photobox Group is the European market leader in photo-based products serving millions of customers a year in over ten markets. While working for albelli and Photobox Group you will face exciting challenges that most other companies cannot provide. You will be learning cutting-edge technologies and solving interesting technical problems on a daily basis. At the same time, your work will directly affect millions of customers.

Why you’ll love it: 

  • A well-established, profitable company founded in 2000
  • Photobox is part of the Albelli-Photobox group 
  • A lot of growth opportunity within technical positions 
  • Great exposure and mentorship very senior DevOps Engineers 


What to Expect? 

You will be responsible for optimising, maintaining and growing IT services, applications and software. You will participate in all aspects of the software lifecycle, from the initial steps of taking requirements, through to final deployment. You will supervise CI/CD processes, manage Jenkins/Sonarquebe/GIT/Postman, and take care of Kubernetes on AWS and microservice environments.



Tech Stack: Azure (Moving to AWS & GCP) Jenkins, Terraform

Employees: 75 employees

HQ: Tokyo (EU Office based in Poblenou, Barcelona)

Midokura provides software-defined networking (SDN) solutions for cloud computing environments. Their flagship product, MidoNet, is a distributed network virtualisation system that allows operators to build, operate, and manage virtual networks at scale. MidoNet can be deployed on-premises or in public, private, or hybrid cloud environments, and it provides a flexible and scalable network infrastructure for modern applications and services. Midokura’s SDN technology also includes network security features such as micro-segmentation, distributed firewall, and service chaining, which help protect and secure virtualised network environments.


Why you’ll love working for Midokura 

  • Part of the Sony Group 
  • Possibility to work cross-continental from Tokyo
  • Work on a multi-cloud environment (Azure, AWS, GCP)  
  • Competitive market salaries


What to expect 

The Platform team is a cross-functional team that enables developers to manage the life cycle of applications, from source code management and testing to continuous deployment. A lot of the work is centralised around computer vision & image capturing, where embedded systems have AI capabilities. The team’s main goal is to reduce latency and eliminate GDPR breaches.



Tech Stack: AWS, Kubernetes & Terraform

HQ: Founded in 2017 and headquartered in Amsterdam  with offices in Amsterdam and Barcelona 

Employees: Fourthline has more than 240 employees 

Fourthline helps European banks and regulated financial institutions fight financial crime with an end-to-end Know Your Customer (KYC) solution of the highest level offering digital KYC checks. Fourthline performs all checks using algorithms and AI, establishing the identity of the customer requesting a financial product within one minute. Since its 2017 founding in Amsterdam, it has become one of Europe’s fastest-growing fintech companies. With offices in Amsterdam and Barcelona, Fourthline serves its clients under the names Vivid Money, flatexDEGIRO, N26, Solaris, and Wish.

With innovative KYC technology and leading compliance experts, Fourthline verifies millions of new customers every year. In the blink of an eye, around 200 checks are automatically run that examine the ID documents, biometric data, current residence, and worldwide sanction lists, among other checks. With these checks, Fourthline discovers 60% more fraud and achieves an accuracy rate of 99.98%.


Why engineers love Fourthline 

  • Work on one of the most innovative KYC product companies in Europe  
  • Fourthline work with established clients like N26 
  • Get detailed technical exposure to AI Machine Learning for security purposes 
  • Muti-cloud env (AWS, Azure, GCP) 
  • Serving the European market  
  • Checks performed on: ID documents, biometrical data, device data, location of the applicant, as well as worldwide sanction lists 


What to expect

As a DevOps team member, you will be working alongside the EM, Head of Infrastructure and Head of Security in making sure that reliability is optimal, as the plans to scale and onboard additional global clients remain the company’s narrative for 2023.


Nuvolar Works 

Tech Stack: Python, AWS, Linux, Django
HQ: Barcelona
Employees: 71

Nuvolar Works is a multinational team of technology experts from all over the world, providing cloud-based software development services and Salesforce expertise. They offer a range of services, including software development, cloud computing, big data analytics, artificial intelligence, and machine learning. Nuvolar Works helps businesses improve their technological capabilities and digital transformation processes, working with clients across different industries, such as finance, healthcare, and retail. They also provide training and workshops to help companies improve their employees’ skills and knowledge in the tech field. 

Why you’ll love Novular: 

  • A client base across EU, USA and Asia
  • An Established Salesforce partner 
  • Talented and experienced colleagues 
  • Flexible working hours and remote working policy 
  • Career development which includes continuous training – they have a library and all of the learning tools you need to advance your skills 
  • Summer schedule in July and August


What to Expect

You will be responsible for implementing features assigned to you by senior business stakeholders. Much of your days will be filled with writing unit tests and creating basic technical documentation. The team has well-established development guidelines and processes you will be required to follow. You will be required to follow the development guidelines and process defined by the team. Attend and participate in team ceremonies (demos, retros, refinement meetings, etc.)



Tech Stack: AWS and GCP, Kubernetes, Typescript or Python

HQ: Stockholm with a Hub in Madrid and hiring for all over Spain.  

Employees: 4000+

Sinch Spain is a subsidiary of Sinch AB, a Swedish cloud communication company that provides messaging, voice, and video communication services. The Madrid office serves as a hub for Sinch’s global operations, with a focus on research and development, as well as customer support. The team in Spain works on developing and improving Sinch’s communication products and services, such as SMS, voice calling, and video conferencing, while also providing technical support to customers around the world. With its innovative technology and a strong focus on customer satisfaction, Sinch has become a key player in the rapidly growing cloud communication industry. 

Why you’ll love Sinch 

  • Over 150,000 businesses, including 8 of the 10 largest tech companies in the world, rely on us Sinch for their customer communication needs. 
  • As a business they have acquired and merged with some of the leading companies within the cloud communication, gaining access to very talented employees. 
  • A well-established business with an impressive track record
  • Shares are traded at NASDAQ Stockholm: XSTO: SINCH


What to expect? 

The team at Sinch see DevOps as a culture where they create an alignment between the goals of software and operational engineering teams. This team have a strong sense of collaboration and works side-by-side to create space to learn from each other and build innovative infrastructure platforms and tools. As a DevOps Engineer at Sinch, you will have ownership of delivery pipelines, infrastructure and service orchestration.