Data & Analytics Salaries, Amsterdam 2020

Data & Analytics Salaries, Amsterdam 2022

A comprehensive breakdown of earning potential comparing level of experience or role title

29 July 2020
Data & Analytics Salaries Berlin 2020

Recruiting for hundreds of roles in Data, Analytics and Machine Learning has given us a good grasp on salary benchmarks in Amsterdam. Now, drawing on years worth of our own data we’ve crunched the numbers to present Orange Quarter’s Data and Analytics Salary Review for Amsterdam.


Some of the main takeaways include

  • Amsterdam’s Machine Learning Engineers are some of the best paid in Europe.
  • Years of experience have an impact on salary, as well as tech stack, company size and growth phase.
  • Highest paid Data and Analytics roles outside of leadership roles were Data Scientist and Data Engineer earning up to 65k – 90k annually
  • The average salary for a Senior Data Engineer = 65k – 90k annually
  • The average salary for a Medior Data Analyst = 45k – 60k annually
  • The average salary for a Senior Machine Learning Engineer = 65k – 90k annually


Experience Level Key

  • Junior (0-2 years): Learning technologies, beginners understanding of how data adds value to the business. Recent graduates.
  • Medior (2-4 years): Confident using specific frameworks and technologies, knowledge of production environments, learning about scalable solutions, leading small projects and mentor juniors.
  • Senior (4+ years): Expert understanding of a range of frameworks and technologies, strategic mindset on how data can deliver business value, design architecture and roadmap, coaches others and communicates with top-level management.


Note: Salaries below are based on an annual salary including an 8% holiday pay and rounded down.



Data & Analytics Salaries Amsterdam


Data Engineer Salaries ↓

Data Engineer Salaries - Orange Quarter

Data Scientist Salaries ↓

Data Scientist Salaries Amsterdam - Orange Quarter

Machine Learning Engineer Salaries ↓

Machine Learning Engineer Salaries Amsterdam - Orange Quarter

Data Analyst Salaries ↓

Data Analyst Salaries - Orange Quarter

Growth Data Analyst Salaries ↓

Growth Data Analyst Salaries - Orange Quarter

Analytics Translator Salaries ↓

Analytics Translator Salaries - Orange Quarter

Web Analyst Salaries ↓

Web Analyst Salaries - Orange Quarter

Managerial Data Salaries ↓

Freelance Data Salaries ↓


Freelance Data Salaries - Orange Quarter



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