Digital Marketing Salaries, Amsterdam 2020

Digital Marketing Salaries, Amsterdam 2020

A comprehensive breakdown of Digital Marketing based roles and their earning potential.

16 October 2020

Recruiting Digital marketing in Amsterdam over the last few years has given us a good grasp on earning potential for Digital Marketers across various roles. Now, drawing on years worth of data we’ve crunched the numbers to present Orange Quarter’s Digital Marketing Salary Review for Amsterdam.

Scroll for an in-depth look at salaries categorized per job title and years of experience. Some of the key takeaways include:


Key takeaways


  • The average salary for a CMR manager =  55k – 65k annually 
  • The average salary for a SEA specialist = 55k – 65k annually 
  • The average salary for Head of Marketing = 80k – 100k annually 
  • Some of the highest paid Digital Marketing related roles were Head of Performance Marketing and Head of CRM both earning up to 80k – 100k 


Experience Level Key 


  • Specialist (2-3 years) 
  • Manager (5 years) 
  • Head of (7-10 years)



CRM/Email Marketing

Content Marketing

Growth Marketer

Social Media Manager / Community Manager




SEA / PPC / Performance

Marketing (broad / generalist / full mix)


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