Salonized: Changing the beauty industry, one appointment at a time.

Salonized: Changing the beauty industry, one appointment at a time.

Manage your schedule, sales and client administration stress-free

10 November 2022

In the last decade, the digital space has helped businesses grow by managing finances, schedules and sales. With Salonized, you can do all this. Founded in 2015, Salonized is an intuitive appointment software designed specifically for salons; from beauty salons to hairdressers, nail studios and massage parlours. Salonized gives you insight into your agenda and administration anytime and anywhere and makes it easy for customers to schedule an appointment online. The salon software offers a complete toolkit for growing your business. Manage your schedule, sales and client administration stress-free, wherever you are, creating a complete solution for salons.

Talented business owners often lose their entrepreneurial spirit as they are hindered by bureaucracy and red tape. So Salonized developed salon software that serves as a digital assistant. With built-in various tools to help your customers find their way to your salon more easily and book appointments online. Run your business and grow with Salonized. 

In short: Salonized is a salon software where you can easily manage your appointments, marketing and customers – wherever you are.


Why Salonized?

Differentiating from its competitors, Salonized offers a package where you do not need to use all its offered features. They offer different types of packages to suit the type of salon you run. Would you like to use salon software only for appointments? Then you can make an appointment package featuring:

  • Appointments calendar
  • Online bookings
  • Automated reminders
  • Client Management
  • Google Calendar integration

You only pay for the features you need. So you never pay too much. It is also possible to expand your package. One call to the support team and you have direct access to the necessary functionalities.


Not sure and want to test the platform?

No problem! You can create an account and test it for free for 14 days. This way you can browse around and discover how our system looks and how it works. Like it? Then your account will be transferred to a monthly subscription and you will be able to set it up according to your wishes with the features that best suit your salon. You can cancel your subscription at any time.


Think you’ve seen it all?

The Salonized Support Team will be happy to call you for an hour or so to show you around the system. Answering your burning questions about applications and possibilities after you’ve tested them. Now is the opportunity to immerse yourself in Salonized information and make yourself an expert for your salon.


Don’t have a website?

It is not a requirement to have a website in order to be able to make online bookings. You have several possibilities to have your customers book an appointment online. Within Salonized you can generate a link that leads directly to your agenda. This link can be placed on different channels. For example, you can send it via WhatsApp, via e-mail, but it is also possible to place the link on Facebook or Instagram. 


Salonized’s Interface

All Salonized’s ideas are based on a wide range of creativity which leads to innovative achievements. With their unique look and feel, the platform’s design consists of bright bold colours ranging from blues, to purples and pinks. Their illustrations enhance their branding, adding a personal touch and going against the stereotypical calendar look and feel. Their illustrative identity is abstract as well as playful using realistic characters.


What makes their tech tick?

Salonized is currently running as a monolith on a Kubernetes cluster. One of the things they plan to do in the upcoming year is to migrate into a more manageable, distributed system and remove single points of failure so they can be more reliable for customers and reduce the cognitive load for their developers.


Don’t have a website and worried it’s a huge undertaking?

Salonized offers you a super simple solution. Within their system you can create a mini website for your salon. On the mini website you can add a small description of your salon, a photo of the salon and you can set up the appointment widget and the gift voucher widget. The opening hours and contact information are displayed by default. With the convenience of the mini website you can be found online for your clients for all information, but you don’t have all the hassle of maintaining an entire website. 


Integration with third-party calendars and services

Google Calendar has some of the best integration with third-party calendars. You can also request access to the calendars of your colleagues using their email ID. Apple doesn’t offer this functionality in its app. 

With Salonized, however, you can integrate Google Reserve, allowing customers to book an appointment with you via Google. This way you will be able to add even more online appointments to your agenda. The customer will be able to book via Search, Maps or Google assistant. Once the customer has booked an appointment it will immediately appear in both their own Google Calendar and your Salonized calendar.


Salonized x Treatwell

Intergrating with Treatwell, Europe’s largest online booking platform for hair and beauty, offers consumers choice and convenience by giving them 24/7 insight into the agenda of more than 3500 beauty salons in the Benelux. This makes it easier for hairdressers and beauty salons to manage appointments online with the integration. The integration ensures that the appointments in both calendars are synchronized. This means that when you place an appointment in Salonized, that time slot is blocked in Treatwell, and vice versa. 


Joining the team at Salonized

Orange Quarter are working together with Salonized to hire a Senior Site Reliability Engineer and Backend Engineer (Ruby) and has helped hire Product Managers and Backend Engineers. In 2020 they started with 4800 customers and in 2021 with 6700 customers. To keep up with the pace, they are looking for experienced engineers to broaden the skills of the tech team. Currently, Salonized has two small tech teams overseeing the development of the platform with a tech stack of Ruby (BE), JavaScript (Vue.js) (FE), PostGRE, Redis and AWS and their user base is growing fast.

It’s a great time to join the team at Salonized as they are looking to expand their team in Amsterdam after a recent Series A investment. Salonized has grown to 40+ employees and over 13,000 customers across Europe over the past years and after a recent partnership with Treatwell, they are now growing faster than ever. Salonized is constantly working on making exciting new features for its current and future users. 

“The culture at Salonized is hard to beat in Amsterdam! They have built an amazing team where everybody is on the same wavelength. All the way from the first interview, to celebrating your first week in the business with a cold Heineken with your colleagues. Throughly enjoyable process from start to finish. ” –  Brad, Business Manager in Product and Marketing at Orange Quarter


Salonized is well implemented and neatly integrated. It’s safe to say that once you have worked with Salonized, you can’t live without it.  Keen to join the Salonized team or to know more? Get in touch with our expert recruiter Brad Thomas here.