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Cloud Infrastructure Engineer

Cloud Infrastructure Engineer


Corruption, money laundering, and cash fraud are global issues. Billions are laundered every year, and organizations must continuously investigate their clients to prevent these activities. While this obligation promotes transparency and integrity, it is often seen as a significant regulatory burden.

To address this challenge, a leading compliance tech firm has developed an innovative solution. This platform enables organizations to comply with anti-money laundering regulations quickly and easily, fulfilling their investigative obligations efficiently. Additionally, by using this platform, organizations contribute to a better, more transparent world.


As they look to build their team the next piece to the puzzle is a Cloud Infrastructure Engineer!


OQ-industries Legal

What to expect:

Please note that this company can not sponsor Visa’s so this opportunity is only open to those living and working in NL who hold permanent residence or have an EU passport. Applications from outside NL can not be considered.

Over the past four years, the platform has evolved rapidly with a focus on functionalities and client value. Last year, the architecture and infrastructure were refactored to enhance control over performance and scalability. Additionally, investments were made in monitoring and resilient code. As a cloud engineer, you will enable the team to concentrate on creating client value and improving efficiency.

This is a role with the potential and opportunity to make a huge impact, putting your finger prints on, and owning their whole AWS Infrastructure.


  • Hybrid set-up with an office in Amsterdam
  • Multiple team events and off-sites
  • Competitive Salary
  • A job with a high impact and positive effect on the world


  • At least 4 years of experience with infrastructure related tasks
  • Strong understanding of DevOps principals and IaC
  • At least 3+ years working with AWS
  • Experience with HTTPS, Certification, API Gateways
  • Experience with containerization tools

Sounds good?

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For more information, connect with our specialised team member on LinkedIn Taran Carter