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Mendix Consultant

Mendix Consultant/Developer


We’re working with a start-up agency that was founded earlier in the year by a group of Mendix experts. Their previous venture was so successful it was actually acquired by Mendix themselves, so you can be sure they know a thing or two about the Low-Code platform!

They collaborate with top-tier Mendix consultants and engage in cutting-edge projects. Their endeavors frequently involve pushing the boundaries of the Mendix platform, innovatively expanding its capabilities. In essence, you have the opportunity to contribute to projects that explore novel and unprecedented applications of Mendix, setting them apart from any other business in the field.


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What to expect:

The company boasts a robust pipeline of ongoing projects and a loyal customer base, thanks to their successful track record in previous sales initiatives. As a new team member, you’ll seamlessly integrate into pivotal roles within diverse business domains. Your assignments will revolve around cutting-edge projects in IoT, Big Data, RFID, and Machine Learning.

The agency is actively seeking seasoned professionals within the Dutch Mendix community. They are in search of individuals who not only possess advanced technical expertise with the technology but also demonstrate strong leadership skills and proficiency in project management.


  • Company Car
  • Strong Pension Set-Up
  • Annual Bonus Component


  • 2+ Years experience with Mendix
  • Experience managing projects end to end
  • Leadership capabilities
  • Experience as a consultant or in client/customer facing roles is a huge plus

Sounds good?

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For more information, connect with our specialised team member on LinkedIn Taran Carter