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NLP Engineer

Natural Language Processing Engineer

Leiden, Netherlands

Orange Quarter is proud of its relationship with a leading life sciences company that uses ai to predict how certain pharmaceutical drugs perform in the market. Their product is a centralized ai platform that their clients in the pharmaceutical industry use to explore insights of how their drugs perform against cancer treatments, how it can meet the unmet needs of neurodegenerative diseases, or understand the pain points with current diabetic treatment.


OQ-industries Life Science

What to expect:

With global links to healthcare leaders, industry advisors, and pharmaceutical giants, the successful candidate would be modeling data sets that would have a huge impact on the eventual user by generating insights into clinical problems. There will be an emphasis on high-quality analysis to extract and validate the data generated from different Natural Language Processing techniques, testing for ai bias, ensuring transparency and reliability of the central platform, and collaborating closely with your colleagues in the data science/ml ops team.


  • Completely flat hierachy with the top talent of the life science industry
  • The space to work on incredibly sophisiticated NLP techniques
  • Success and dedication to be rewarded by generous yearly salary increases
  • Ability to see your work having a wide ranging impact on a patients life
  • Complete autonomy and without a culture of micromanagement


  • Experience with NLP Tooling such as NLTK, SpaCy, or Gensim
  • Exposure to text mining, unstructured textual data sets, or computational linguistics
  • Passionate abut NLP and wanting your work to have a high impact on society
  • Close work on deep learning or entity textraction
  • Right to work in Europe

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