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Senior Data Engineer

Senior Data Engineer


Orange Quarter are currently working with a cryptocurrency exchange, enabling the exchange, storage, and transfer of digital assets for both individual users and institutional clients On an average day, the exchange witnesses trading volumes exceeding 100 million EUR worth of digital assets.

The good news? They generate revenue through transaction commissions, without being directly impacted by the volatility of the cryptocurrencies themselves


OQ-industries cryptocurrency

What to expect:

Currently working on a company wide data transformation, they are embarking on the development of an innovative data infrastructure, accompanied by a gradual migration of use cases from the existing system to the new one.

Part of this is being able to scale a data warehouse for maximum internal user access,  automating permissions management, governance, and lineage to the extreme. There’s a goal to create automated column-level lineage, which also propagates data classification at the same level, seamlessly from Kafka through Dataflow jobs into BigQuery.


  • This is a freelancing opportunity for 6 months


  • You are able leverage your expertise in cutting-edge data warehousing technology and modern techniques, coupled with a solid grasp of machine learning systems and data-driven user-facing products.
  • You possess the ability to iterate on the distinction between a data contract and a schema, recognizing and valuing the significance of both.
  • Strenghts in Airflow for scheduling, Dataflow for ingestion, and dbt for transformation in BigQuery
  • Prior experience working on AWS and GCP as cloud platforms, as well as working knowledge of Kafka
  • 5+ years of experience in Data Engineering, and currently based in the Netherlands

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